A short historical note on the history of the Lodge of Alloa...

Occasional informal meetings of Freemasons are known to have been held in Alloa from 1749, the year in which Thomas, Lord Erskine of Alloa House, was Grand Master Mason of Scotland.

The Minutes of Lodge Stirling Ancient record the initiation of candidates in Alloa by a deputation commissioned for that purpose.  In 1756 a Depute. Lodge of Stirling Ancient was set up in Alloa usually presided over by Brother Thomas Jack, P.M.  Some 15 brethren were admitted.

In 1757 the Alloa brethren presented a petition to Grand Lodge praying to be erected into a Regular Lodge.  This was granted at a Communication of Grand Lodge held in Edinburgh on 4th November. 1757. The Charter was signed on 14th November. 1757. by Sholto, Lord Aberdour. who was not only Grand Master Mason of Scotland at the time but was also Grand Master of England.  The Charter was delivered in Alloa by Brother Alexander McDougall, Grand Secretary, on 31st December, 1757.  He was accompanied by a deputation of Brethren, most of whom were resident or on a visit.  He opened the Lodge, read the Charter and then invited the Master-Elect, Brother John Orrok, to assume the Chair.  There was no ceremony.

Since then the Lodge. though sometimes meeting irregularly, has had an unbroken existence.  It was first placed No. 83 on the roll, but at the renumbering in 1816 it became 69.